Sawadee! Welcome to BaiYok Restaurant

Thais restaurant BaiYok, 038 4229882.

Because of the lockdown the restaurant is closed for lunch and dinner.

Take away is possible on Friday until Sunday from 4.30 pm until 7.30 pm. Vegetarian dishes are only available at BaiYok voor thuis.

Take away specials restaurant:

Menu 3: combination of chicken with cashew nuts, red curry with grilled duck, mango and grapes and the Thai beef salad (37,50 euro for 2 p.)
Winter Menu: combination of mus sa man curry with lamb racks, stir fried chicken with fresh ginger and Thai beefsalad (41,50 euro for 2 p.)
Christmas Menu X: combination of deep fried quail with garlic and oyster sauce, red curry with grilled duck, mango and grapes and the Thai papaja salad (38,50 euro for 2 p.)
Christams Menu Z:
combination of deep fried sea bream with garlic and oyster sauce, stir fried catfish with red currypaste, bamboo and Thai eggplant, and Thai prawn salad with tomato, onion and Thai celery. This menu is only available on Dec 24th, Dec 25th (to be picked up on Dec 24th with reheating instruction), Dec 31th, Jan 1th (to be picked up on Dec 31th with reheating instruction and Jan 2th

Opening during Christmas holidays:

- Friday Dec 24 th, take away from 2 pm
- Saturday Dec 25th: closed
- Sunday Dec 26th: take away from 3 pm
- Friday Dec 31th: take away vanaf 3 pm
- Saturday Jan 1th: closed (BaiYok voor thuis open!)
- Sunday Jan 2th: take away from 4 pm


Opening hours Thai restaurant BaiYok

- Tuesday until Sunday at 5 pm

Monday: closed (except Holidays)

BaiYok restaurant since 2004.

Bai Yok’s owners, Paul van der Helm and Yaowanuch Arpamo, would like to welcome you to BaiYok to enjoy great food and a warm atmosphere. They hope to prove that the quality of Thai food is in itself worthy of a visit to Thailand!

Mr. Paul van der Helm has worked in the Thai restaurant business for over 25years and Mrs. Yaowanuch Arpamo has resided in the Netherlands for over 35 years. Our chef, Mr. Arnon Tiengtrong is from Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand). Arnon Tiengtrong has many years of experience as a chef and has previously worked for a Thai restaurant in The Hague. In 2015, another experienced Thai chef, Mr. Sumrit Punjakaw started working at BaiYok. In 2018 Mr. Narin Panin joined the kitchen team, followed by Mr. Thawat Muadsri in 2019 and Mr. Wutthichai Naowirat in 2021.

BaiYok is open for dinner (Tuesday- Sunday), with limited seating on an outdoor terrace on warm summer evenings. We recommend that you book a table in advance, particularly if you wish to dine on our outdoor terrace. Please refer to the ‘contact’ section for bookings and other enquiries.

BaiYok is a two minute walk from theatre “De Spiegel” and therefore an ideal place to dine before attending a show. Please refer to the “Theatre menu” section to find out what we can offer you..

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Yaowanuch Arpamo & Paul van der Helm