During the lockdown our restaurant is closed for dinner, but open in the weekend between 4 and 7.30 pm for take away, tel 038 4229882.

Wine tip: bottle of Languedoc-Roussillon, La Forge Estate Viognier (2019) or La Forge Estate Merlot (2017) + 12,75 euro

Spring menu  (€ 39,75, 2p.)  Red curry with prawns, bamboo and Thai eggplant, deep fried seabream with garlic and oyster sauce en grilled beef salad with, tomato, cucumber and fresh coriander leave
Menu of the month A ( € 33,75, 2p.)  Chicken with cashew nuts, pha naeng curry with beef, red onion and lemon leave and vegetable salad with grated coconut, peanut and fresh mint
Menu van de maand B ( € 32,75, 2p. ): Stir fried chicken with red currypaste, bamboo and Thai egg plant, fried fillet of pangasus with a spicy sweet and sour sauce and vegetable salad with grated coconut, peanut and fresh mint
Menu 1 ( € 35,75, 2p. ): green curry with chicken bamboe nd Thai eggplant, stir fried beef with garlic and oyster sauce  and grilled beef salad with, tomato, cucumber and fresh corianderleave
Fish menu ( € 35,75, 2p. ): fish cakes (5), stir fried prawns with green asparagus, garlic and oystersauce an deep fried catfish with a sauce of red curry and grated coconut Menu 2 ( € 31,50, 2p. ): Veg. spring roll (4), pha naeng curry with beef and stir fried chicken with a sweet and sour sauce, pine apple and vegetables

You can also order A LA CARTE

The menu of BaiYok contains a large variety of Thai food, from very mild to very spicy.

We serve several (combinations of) starters, the most famous Thai soups and plenty of different main and side dishes. For a main dish, you can choose between rib steak, fillet of beef, chicken or fillet of duck.

Among the seafood dishes we serve big prawns, catfish, panga fillet, mixed seafood dishes and seebream (whole fish).
We also have a vegetarian menu and we are able to cater to coeliacs and/or those who prefer to eat gluten-free.

The spiciness of the dishes is indicated as follows:

*** : very spicy
** : spicy
* : medium spicy
: not spicy
k : good for children